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White Dog Names : Over 70 to choose from and how to get other ideas

by shedboy71
cute white dog

Do you have a white dog, well in this article we will give you over 75 ideas for some names for your dog.

cute white dog

cute white dog @sgeuter via Twenty20


List of names

alba – white in latin
Arctic – the cold theme again
Beluga – After the whale species.
Bianco – White in Italian
biały – White in Polish
Blanco – White in Spanish
Blizzard – Perfect for a white dog of any size that’s full of energy.
Blondie – Ideal for a happy-go-lucky white dog.
Bolt – from the Disney movie Bolt or a lightning bolt
branquinha – White in Portuguese
Casper – the cartoon ghost character.
Cloudy – thinking about fluffy, white clouds here
Cotton – another name for a fluffy dog
Cue Ball – After the ball in Snooker, Pool or Billiards. Why Not
Daisy – a female dog name here
Dogbert – the dog from the dilbert cartoon
Dove – As in a white dove, so maybe a peaceful, quiet one.
Egret – After the white bird.
eira – Snow in Welsh
Ermine – After the fur of a weasel.
Fairy – a female dog name.
Fluffy – A classic name for (what else?) a fluffy white dog!
Ghost – Could be as ghosts are associated with being white or a nod to to Jon Snow’s dog in Game of thrones
gwyn – White in welsh
hvid – White in Danish
Jasmine – the princess from Disney’s Aladdin.
lace – A female dog name, or you could go with lacy
Lightning – A dog that is full of energy
Lily – After the water flower.
Luna – The word for the moon in both Italian and Spanish.
Mash – As in mashed potatoes
Mayo – As in mayonnaise but lets make it easier and shorten it a bit
Milky – Another classic for any white dog.
Misty – mist is thought as being white clouds
Moonshine – the moon is white
Moza – Short version of Mozarella cheese
neige – Snow in french
nieve – Snow in Spanish, would be good for a femal dog this one
olaf – From the frozen movie franchise
Opal – an expensive or classy dog
Paper – might be difficult if you are training your dog to fetch the paper
Pearl – an expensive or classy dog
Peony – the flower
Pillow – a lazy dog
Polar –
Puffy – Cute name for a fluffy white dog.
putih – White in Indonesian
Ricey – Named after white rice
Salty – Named after salt
Schnee – Snow in German
Shiro – White in Japanese
sneachta – Snow in Irish
Snoopy – After Charlie Brown’s best friend and everyone’s favorite character from “Peanuts.”
Snowball – winter theme
Snowdrop – the flower
Snowflake –
snowy – The classic wintery type name
snowie – an adaptation of above
Sugar – A sweet dog
Swan – the big bird
Tofu – If you are a vegetarian
valkoinen – White in Finnish
Weiss – White in german
wit – White in Dutch

White dog species

There are several species of white dogs, here are a few of them

Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Maltese, West Highland White Terrier, Bichon Frise, Samoyed, Bull Terrier, Chinese Crested, American Eskimo Dog, Clumber Spaniel, Kuvasz, Komondor, Akbash Dog, Argentine Dogo , East Siberian Laika and Japanese Spitz

So if you want to buy a white dog then one of these would be a good start

Tips for even more names

A good tip is to take an english word that is associated with white and translate it. So lets try swan and see a few ideas in other languages.

Danish – svane
Estonian – luik
Finnish – joutsen
French – cygne
German – Schwan
Hungarian – hattyú
Icelandic – Svan
Italian – cigno
Latvian – gulbis
Maltese – Cygnus
Norwegian – svane
Portuguese – cisne
Slovenian – labod
Spanish – cisne
Swedish – svan
Welsh – alarch

And another one could be moon, which I’m not sure about, I think some of these other languages are better

Basque – ilargia
Czech – měsíc
Danish – måne
Dutch – maan
Finnish – kuu
French – lune
German – Mond
Icelandic – Tungl
Italian – Luna
Lithuanian – mėnulis
Maltese – qamar
Portuguese – lua
Slovak – mesiac
Spanish – Luna

So there you go, a few more ideas generated from a variety of languages

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